Review Policy

Authors and publishers:
I'm always interested in reviewing YA books, so if you're interested in promoting a book on my blog please send me an email at and we can set up a review, interview, contest, etc.

Due to my busy school and work schedules, I am sometimes pressed for time and therefore can not accept every review request. However, if I have accepted a book for review, I will strive to finish and review it in a timely manner. At the moment, that means I will likely have a review post up within one to two weeks of receiving the book.

I can not accept e-books or any other format of digital book for review, as I spend a ton of time staring at the computer for other obligations and prefer to read books in print only. Please do not email me about reviewing a book if it is only available in a digital format.

Structure of ratings: 
I've recently changed how I rate books here at What Bri Reads. Rather than using a point scale, I've decided to assign each book a letter grade, which may have a + or - attached depending on my feelings about the book. 

A = Absolutely loved it. Must read. Definitely recommended.
B = Liked it. Would recommend, but may or may not read again.
C = Average. An okay book. Didn't love it but didn't hate it either.
D = Didn't really enjoy. Not recommended, but had a few redeeming qualities.
F =  Hated it. Would definitely not recommend.

Thank you for your interest in my blog and taking the time to read my review policy!