Wednesday, June 10, 2009

ARC vs. finished copy

I've been receiving quite a few ARC's in the mail lately, and it's got me thinking. I'm interested in what other people think about this. Do you prefer ARC's? Or do you prefer to buy the finished book and have a hardback copy? If you get an ARC of a book that you really like, is that the same to you as having a finished copy?Or would you go out and buy it as well? Which do you value more in your collection?

These questions are all kind of similar to each other and I feel like I could go on forever with them, so feel free to answer in any way you'd like. I'm just interested in hearing other people's opinions on the matter. Or if you know of any discussions similar to this that have happened on other blogs, please link me to them. :) Thanks!


Drea said...

I love ARCs because you get to read them before published, but if I love an ARC I will buy the finished copy. I prefer hardcover/finished, but it's also a way of supporting the author.

Shalonda said...

As Drea said the excitement about ARCs is being among the first to read a book. Plus the opportunity to share your opinions with others about upcoming novels.

I do prefer finished copies and I do purchase a finished copy of almost all the books I receive for review. ARCs aren't meant to last and will ultimately fall apart. Finished copies are more durable. And again as Drea said, allows us to show our support to the authors we enjoy.

Ella Press said...

i wouldn't know since ARCs don't get to Argentina. Or do they? D'you know?
xo, Ella

katie said...

I love finished copies. I hate having to carry them around in my bag because they can be so big but I think they are better. I also really love to see all the finished copies on my bookshelves. Also, you have an award at my blog!