Sunday, July 12, 2009

Review: ghostgirl: Homecoming

Title: ghostgirl: Homecoming
Author: Tonya Hurley

Publication date: July 1st, 2009

Heaven couldn't be a phone bank, could it?

Charlotte Usher discovers that the afterlife isn't quite what she pictured when she's forced to intern at a hotline for troubled teens. Before she can officially cross over, she'll have to be a source of guidance for one such teen. The problem is she doesn't have much advice to offer since dying hasn't exactly boosted her confidence level.

But when Hawthorne High's leading, love-to-hate cheerleader Petula and her gothic little sis' Scarlet find themselves suddenly resting-in-peace in comas, Charlotte's opportunity to save them will prove to be the risk of a lifetime-for all of them.

I'm happy to say that I liked this one even better than ghostgirl. After finishing ghostgirl, I said that I thought it was all wrapped up well and didn't think it needed a sequel. But I'm glad that it had one, because I really enjoyed this book too.

Again, it's got a fun gorgeous cover. This time, purple. I liked Charlotte's character a bit better in this one too, because she seemed to become less worried about herself, and more worried about helping others. I also felt like I got to know the other characters better in this sequel, such as Charlotte's dead friends, and Petula and her sidekicks. The plot was entertaining and there was always something fun or exciting going on. There were parts that made me laugh really hard, and also parts that were really touching. This was a great sequel to a great first book.

Characters: 9/10
Plot: 9/10
Originality: 9/10
Writing: 8/10
Overall grade: B

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