Sunday, July 19, 2009

Review: The Glass Maker's Daughter

Title: The Glass Maker's Daughter
Author: V. Briceland
Publication date: April 1st, 2009

Magic lies at the heart of Cassaforte, medieval city of bewitchments and intrigue. Cassaforte is home to sixteen-year-old Risa Divetri, whose fate is about to be decided by the gods.
Risa has led the sheltered life of a nobleman's daughter, but soon she plans to leave home to study the family craft-creating enchanted glass objects. When the gods are consulted to determine which school she will attend, the impossible happens: Risa remains unchosen. The rejection sends Risa into a spiral of shame, anger, and confusion. If she's not meant to be a glass maker, what will she do?
But when Cassaforte's age-old magic begins to unravel and dark forces threaten the kingdom, Risa's fiery spirit and untapped powers take her on a perilous journey—one that will lead her to her true destiny.

I honestly didn't expect to like this book. It's not something I would have originally even considered reading. But after reading it, all I can say is that it was amazing! It started off a bit slow, but once I read more into it and understood the city of Cassaforte better, the book got so much more interesting. There were magic and fantasy elements, but they fit so well with everything that they just seemed normal. The plot was well built and filled with lots of interesting twists, and the characters were very likable and real. At the beginning of each chapter were quotes from fictitious letters and records, but I stopped reading them after a few chapters because they didn't seem to add anything to the story and only confused the reader, if anything. But overall, this was a very enjoyable book.

No matter what your tastes in genre are, I would recommend giving this book a try. I would have never expected that I'd read something like this, let alone thoroughly enjoy it, but I did. Book Two, The Buccaneer's Apprentice, will be coming out in 2010 and now I absolutely can't wait for it.

Characters: 9/10
Plot: 9/10
Originality: 10/10
Writing: 9/10
Overall grade: A-

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Sassy CC said...

I've been looking for a review of this book as I was considering buying it but not 100% sold on it- but they seem few and far between. So thanks for the glowing review it looks far better than I thought.