Friday, August 14, 2009

Movie Review: Edward Scissorhands

Here's my second movie review as part of the Gothic Film Club, hosted by Write For A Reader and sponsored by Michelle Zink, author of Prophecy of the Sisters.

This week, I chose to watch and review Edward Scissorhands. Created by an inventor who died before he could finish him, Edward has scissors for hands. When Peg finds him, she decides to bring him home with her so he can have a family to live with. Everyone in the neighborhood is curious about the new visitor, except for a few who don't think too highly of him. But when Edward meets Peg's daughter, Kim, he begins to fall in love with her.

I'm probably one of the few people who, until now, hadn't seen this movie. I'm glad that I finally got around to it. Edward's character was so innocent; I instantly loved him from the beginning. This movie was well put together, and combined many different themes. Love, humor, curiosity, acceptance, and even a bit of fear and sadness. It was one of those movies that leaves you with an overall warm feeling at the end, but you also can't help but feel a bit sad. Edward Scissorhands definitely holds a place in my heart now, and this is a movie that I will watch over and over again.

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

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Michelle Zink said...

Oh, gosh, I LOVE this movie. It's one of my all time favorites.

I feel exactly that way when I watch it, and event though I've seen it quite a few times, every now and then I just want to watch it all over again.

Thanks for participating in the Gothis Film Club! We're going to rewatch Interview with a Vampire next, I think!