Sunday, April 26, 2009

Contest in celebration of having 25 followers!

I've been thinking for a while now, "I think I'll do a contest when I reach 25 followers." I reached that goal today, thanks to Kayla! :) So now, I'll be holding a contest in celebration of that. It will be slightly bigger than my last one (which ends on Tuesday - check it out if you haven't done so already).

When it ends, I'll pick two winners.
First place winner gets their pick of two of the following books.
Second place winner gets the remaining book.

To enter: Leave a comment with your email address, and tell me what you like most about my blog.

Extra entry: Post about this contest somewhere, and give me a link to it.

Open to: USA and Canada. (Yes, Canada. I've had a few requests for this, so for this contest, all of you Canadians can join too! :D)

Deadline: May 4th. Winners will be announced on May 5th.


Katie said...

I like the layout. And reviews, of course.

bridget3420 said...

My favorite part of your blog are your reviews.

BN Book Blog said...

Well... the reviews are great, and we really love the design of the blog.

Beth & Nathan

Liyana said...

Congrats on getting 5 followers! Don't count me in the contest! :D

Liyana said...

I meant 25. Sorry, typo!

Anonymous said...

You now have 26 followers! I like the reviews--I always like reading different perspectives on books.

Lalaland said...

For some reason, the poll.

I blogged about it.

ttt1612 AT yahoo DOT com

Jenna said...

Truthfully, I like the variety of books (both in reviews and in the 'in my mailbox' posts)that I've learned about on your blog. Some books I have never even heard of I've seen mentioned here, which makes me go and check them out. So, thanks for that!

Thanks for the contest!


deltay said...

I really like your layout ;) But I also really like your reviews. (After reading them, I'm thinking of giving Tempting Fate another chance - I gave up last time, halfway through. And I really want to go get a copy of Willow now). And I like that this contest is open to Canada!

lucidconspiracy at gmail dot com

deltay said...

Oh, and I've also linked this contest on the sidebar of my blog, under the Contests heading.


Anonymous said...

My favorite parts are the layout and the books you review.

Laina said...

It's still May 4th where I live, can I enter? It's only 11:06 pm, I swear.

I love your layout, it's so soothing and calm, but totally cute at the same time, and your reviews of course! You read the same sort of books that I do! (Temping Fate, Tweaked.) Totally cool!!

I put a link here: