Monday, April 13, 2009

A quick question!

So, being relatively new to this blogging thing still, I'd like to know what you like/don't like about my blog. Please vote in the poll on the sidebar to your right. What would you change about my blog? Should I post more? Change my style of reviews? Change the layout? Do something else? I feel as if it can be a bit boring sometimes, and I want to make it fun for you! Any comments and suggestions are welcome :)

If you participate in the poll, and leave a comment with ideas, or simply just telling me what you like about the blog, I'll give you one extra entry in my giveaway.

And thanks to everyone who's read my blog, posted comments, or become followers. It means a lot to me and gives me motivation to keep doing this. When I first started, I was sure this would be a total failure. So thanks to everyone :)


1 comment:

Laina said...

More posting is always good, but don't stress yourself about it. Life comes before blogging. I haven't read enough of your reviews to judge them, so I'd say just get used to writing them before you start changing things around, get a pattern established and then slowly add things.

A change of layout would be nice. :) I don't like plain black writing on a white background much, but don't ever use white writing on a black background because it's murder on the eyes. There are some good sites for layouts like pyzam, cutest blog on the block, and a couple more I have bookmarked if you want them.

You might want to consider making your blog a three column layout (which is really very easy), but that's your choice. :)

Oh, and include Canada in your giveaways so I can enter! XD